Dental Anxiety Management

People of all ages and experiences can be affected by anxiety related to dental treatment. There is no one strategy to help a nervous or anxious patient, because we are all different. Most patients can usually be treated with a sensitive approach and are able to receive dental treatment carried out in a sympathetic and gentle manner.

Whilst having an excellent chairside manner is an essential foundation to successful dental care for all of our patients, for those with significant fear and anxiety this may not be enough on its own. Sedation is a highly effective method for allowing anxious patients to undergo dental procedures.

Minimising anxiety with gentle dentistry and effective techniques

Our caring and understanding sedation team have invested in their training and skills and gained additional qualifications to help patients who are apprehensive or phobic. Our sedation dentists, Liz, Jo and Anna, each hold a Diploma in Conscious Sedation awarded by the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne after extensive training, clinical experience and examination. Our sedation nurses also hold a certificate in dental sedation nursing to ensure you are well cared for.

If you have a fear of dental treatment, are anxious about a particular procedure, such as having a tooth removed, have a bad gag reflex or hate dental injections, or are simply fearful of dental treatment, intravenous sedation may be suitable for you. Sedation makes you drowsy and relaxed, providing a more pleasant experience for you by making you unaware of the treatment being carried out. Because of the properties of the drug used, you are highly likely not to remember a thing about your treatment afterwards!

If you feel you need help with your dental anxiety, request an appointment with Liz, and she will discuss your available options.

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