Children’s Dentistry

At Eden Dental Care, we give young smiles all the care and attention they need to grow into beautiful, healthy adult smiles later in life. We help support your dental care routine at home through giving advice on cleaning and how best to avoid the sugary foods that can cause so much damage to vulnerable teeth.

Protecting children’s dental wellbeing

On top of regular dental check-ups that allow us to keep an eye on your children’s teeth and gums, we can provide treatments that will protect teeth from decay. For younger children, we can use fluoride varnishes to strengthen the teeth and keep them healthy. When the adult teeth have fully grown, we can apply fissure sealants to the back teeth, preventing any food debris from getting stuck and causing problems from bacteria.

Looking after your children’s teeth and gums at home

As well as regular visits to the dentist, you also need to look after your child’s teeth at home. Check out the following oral health care tips for little ones:

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