For more extensive damage, decay or discolouration, crowns can fully restore a tooth and complete a smile. They fit completely over a whole tooth, completely concealing defects. Crowns are often made from porcelain or ceramic, which is colour-matched to blend in with your other teeth, making them an aesthetic choice.

Crowns can also be used to support a bridge, or to fit onto an implant to replace a missing tooth. In some cases, a crown is used to restore a tooth following root canal treatment for a reliable finish.

What is involved in having a crown?

The tooth has to have a layer of enamel removed to accommodate the crown, but we leave a strong core. We then take impressions of your teeth and record the colour so your crown can be made to perfectly fit and match your existing smile.

When your crown is ready, we fit it over the prepared tooth ‘post’. The best way to care for your crown is to stay on top of your oral hygiene, keeping your teeth and gums healthy. At your regular examination appointments, your dentist will keep an eye on your crown and the tooth underneath.

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