The amount of NHS dentistry any dental practice can provide is restricted by Government contracts, and we don’t currently have the capacity to accept new NHS patients at the moment. We keep our NHS website up to date to advise when we are accepting new NHS patients.

New NHS patients will generally be given an appointment with one of our newly qualified dentists. As an approved training practice, we provide training posts for newly qualified dentists. This means your dentist is fully qualified as a dentist, but this is their first year working within the NHS in general practice and they will have limited experience. This will mean your appointment times can be longer and you may have another dentist observing during appointments. You may also be surveyed about your experience with your dentist and your dentist will change every year, as all training posts are for 12 months only.

If you want to choose which dentist you regularly see, you may prefer to be seen by one of our more senior dentists privately, or under Denplan. Information about our dentists, membership plans and private fees are available on this site.

Within the NHS, we aim to offer you the best possible care. All clinically necessary treatments and dentures are available on the NHS, i.e. treatment that is necessary to secure and maintain your oral health, but not all our treatments are available within the NHS. If you are a NHS patient, you can opt to pay the private fee for any supplemental treatments you choose at any time.

NHS Dental Fees

There are three bands of charges for all NHS dental treatment (valid from April 2024)

Band 1 – £26.80
This charge includes an examination, diagnosis, maintenance and preventative care, e.g. dental hygiene advice. If necessary, this will include x-rays, simple scaling, and planning further treatment.

Band 2 – £73.50
This charge covers all necessary treatment covered by the Band 1 charge, plus extra simple treatments, such as fillings, extractions, root canal treatment and extractions.

Band 3 – £319.10
This charge includes all necessary treatment covered by the Band 1 & 2 charge, plus more complex procedures that include work by a laboratory, such as bridgework, crowns and dentures.

Emergency treatment – £26.80
Most urgent treatments can be done in one appointment. Once your urgent course of treatment is complete, you may be advised to make another appointment for a separate course of non-urgent treatment. In this case, the relevant NHS banding charge will apply.

Find out more by visiting the NHS website.

Can I get help with paying for NHS dental costs?

You’ll receive free NHS dental services if, when the treatment starts, you’re:

Or, if when treatment starts or when the charge is made, you’re:

If you’re named on a valid HC3 certificate, you may also be eligible for partial help with dental costs.

Remember, the practice will ask for evidence that you’re entitled to free NHS dental treatment but it is your declaration and you are responsible for this. You risk being fined if you make a false declaration.

Please use form HC1 to claim for full (HC2) or partial (HC3) help with NHS dental costs. HC1 forms are available from your Jobcentre Plus office, or by calling 0845 8501166 or 08701 555455.

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